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Take a moment to appreciate your incredible bond that's led you to this milestone... you're getting married

I'm beyond honored to document your day and offer one important piece of advice: plan a wedding that makes you feel amazing and true to yourself. Leisurely read through all the details of this guide to plan your dream day, or simply skim through for a quick overview. The most important thing is that your wedding feels like you - comfortable, amazing, and unapologetically YOU.

In this guide, I'll cover all the intricacies to help your day run smoothly, so you can focus on saying "I do" and have a blast. Let's dive in!

both on embarking on this

A massive congratulations to you

new chapter together

talk it out

+ How long would you like your portrait session to go for?

+ Do you have certain photo locations in mind?

I understand how precious your photos are to you. They're your cherished memories that will last a lifetime. To make sure we capture the photos that mean the most to both of you, I suggest taking a moment together to discuss your priorities. It's possible that some photos hold more significance for one of you than the other. Even if you're not particularly concerned about specific photos, it's worth considering their importance to your partner.

Just as open communication is important between you, the same goes for communicating with me. Please rest assured if you ever need a break from the camera, simply let me know and I'll respect your wishes. This day is all about you and making it exactly how you want it.

Reception & Dancefloor

Here's a helpful list to make it easier for you to decide which photo opportunities are most important to both of you. By using this list, you'll feel more confident when communicating your preferences with me, and I can make sure to capture the moments that matter most.

Getting dressed (i.e., putting on your wedding outfits after I arrive)

Photos of accessories and details - including jewellery, perfume, cufflinks, ties, watches or anything sentimental

Posed single portraits in the morning - these can be stunning and feel different from the rest of the day. I highly recommend it, but if you are uncomfortable with this, that’s totally fine.

Posed family photos

Posed wedding party photos (in both robes/PJs and wedding attire)

Exchanging gifts

getting ready photos

While I'm capturing the perfect shot, I'll make sure not to interrupt your special moments. Call me anytime for photos with loved ones.

couple portraits

+ Who would you like group photos with?

+ Is there anyone you don’t want in certain group photos?

Family Photos / Group Photos

I'll be focusing on capturing the perfect shot without interrupting your moment. You might not even realise I'm there!


getting ready

Section One

Your getting ready time can be both fun and stress-free with a few tips to help make everything run smoothly. Here are some ideas to make your getting ready time extra special:


Getting ready for your big day can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Remember that you have the freedom to choose who you want to share this special time with. Whether it's a big group or a few close loved ones, the key is to create an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you're feeling adventurous, why not consider spending the morning with your partner? Imagine sharing intimate moments, calming each other's nerves, and creating lasting memories together. These moments can be captured in photographs and cherished for years to come. Embrace the excitement and make the most of this special time before you say "I do".

Choosing who to spend the morning of your wedding day with is a meaningful decision

it will get messy

Keeping your space tidy will creating a stress-free environment for getting ready and taking photos

Here are tips to ensure your wedding photos are perfect amidst the excitement and chaos of getting ready.

Nominating family or friends to help keep things organised during your preparation. They can do simple tasks like picking up empty glasses and bottles or discarded hangers to keep the space tidy.

To help capture gorgeous photos, natural light and space are essential. If you're unsure which room to use for photos and as the designated mess-free zone, I'm happy to help you choose. Your tidy team can quickly declutter the room before I start taking pictures.

Despite having friends around to keep things tidy in the morning, some of the mess may still be visible in the photos as I'll be taking shots from various angles around the house. However, as a documentary photographer, I believe there's a unique beauty in every moment, including the chaos.


Unsure about where to get ready for your big day?


I’ve detailed some of my favourite places for your inspiration below.



other accomodation


at home

Show off your personality through your getting-ready location! Whether you choose a luxurious 5-star resort or a quirky retro motel on the side of the road, your photos will be stunning.

If you're staying at a hotel, resort, or motel, ask the staff if you can take photos in public areas. To ensure privacy, you can also request to reserve a specific area or section of the location during your photo session.

Getting ready in the comfort of your own home, or your family's home can add lots of sweet, sentimental details. I will take some ‘establishing shots’ (aka photos to help tell the story of the day) and capturing the meaningful details of of the home or family home can make for truly special images.

Airbnbs can be the perfect location for capturing your getting ready photos. Not only can they provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but also a unique and visually stunning backdrop for your photos.

If you're unsure of where to start, don't hesitate to ask for recommendations or assistance with researching local options. Let's work together to find the perfect Airbnb that complements your style and vision for your wedding day.


If you're having your makeup done, try to position yourself in front of a large window to catch the beautiful natural light. This will cast lots of flattering natural light on your face while your makeup is being applied as well as help me to take the best photos possible.

And if you're not having your makeup done, I still want to capture all the special moments of your getting ready process. Whether you're straightening your tie or putting on your necklace in front of a mirror, just let me know when you're getting ready to add those final touches and I'll be there to capture it all with my camera.


detail photos

This can include but is not limited to:

These photos are of all the accessories that you will be wearing to complete your outfit, such as cufflinks, necklaces, perfume, shoes, etc.

If you would like these photos, please make sure you gather all the pieces and hand them to me when I arrive.

+ Socks

+ Perfume

+ Ties

+Tie Pin

+ Jewellery

+ Watches

+ Shoes

+ Bags


You don’t have to follow the tradition of getting ready separately - if it’s not your vibe, don’t feel pressured to do so. 

I’m personally a huge fan of getting ready together, so here’s a list of all the perks.

Whether you decide to get ready separately or together, this will be an incredibly fun and unforgettable part of your day. 

+ Starting the day together can help create a sense of calm and happiness, easing any pre-wedding nerves.

+ Spending the entire day with your partner is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and cherish every moment together.

+ Getting ready photos of you and your partner can be incredibly adorable and meaningful.

+ By getting ready in the same location, I can capture more special moments without the need to travel between places.

+ You can still have a first look and get ready together by preparing separately but sharing a special moment together before the ceremony. This moment can be shared with just the two of you or with your loved ones present.

or apart?


exchanging gifts

With your wedding party

Between you and your partner

Remember, your wedding day is all about celebrating your love for each other, so don't feel obligated to follow any specific traditions. Do what feels right for you as a couple and enjoy every moment of your special day.

I would be honored to capture this sweet moment for you in a beautiful area of your accommodation with plenty of natural light.

Please don't feel shy or worried, as I'll give you all the privacy you need and mainly shoot from a distance. Once you've exchanged your heartfelt words and gifts, I'll take some pictures of them to cherish forever.

If you're planning to exchange gifts with your wedding party, let me know beforehand. I can take pictures of the gifts before they're given and suggest a location to capture the moment. During the exchange, I'll move around the room to take candid photos of the joyous reactions.

Don't forget to take care of yourselves with a little sustenance during the getting ready portion of the day. If you're surrounded by family and friends, appoint someone to take charge of food arrangements to keep everyone satisfied, especially you and your partner.

But if it's just the two of you getting ready, let's make sure food preparation isn't on your mind. Bring some yummy snacks, order in or head out to a nearby café for a quick bite. Let's keep those stomachs happy!


creating the vibe

+ Tarot or oracle card reading

+ Playing Games

+ Doing Yoga

+ Taking a walk on the beach or in nature

+ Going for a Surf

+ Playing golf

+ Going to the local bar or cafe

+ Group Meditation

+ Gratitude Practice

this can include:

Whatever you choose, just let me know if there's something you'd like me to capture with my camera and I will work it into the photo timeline of your day.

There are no hard and fast rules for what to do in the morning, so feel free to mix things up and make it your own. You, your partner, and your wedding party can do any activities that will help you get in the mood for the day and make this time even more special.

i'll head to your
ceremony location earlier

To ensure I make it to your ceremony location before you and your guests, I will leave from the getting ready location about 30 minutes before you do. This way, I can familiarise myself with the surroundings, photograph the ceremony setup and have a little chat with your celebrant, before anyone else arrives.

heavy makeup

If during your makeup trial, you feel like the makeup is a bit too heavy-handed, don't hesitate to speak up! It's important for you to feel confident and beautiful on your big day without worrying about looking "cakey" in your photos. Even if the makeup artist assures you that it will look great in pictures, trust us, it won't look any different. So, feel free to ask your makeup artist to try a lighter look or find a new artist who better understands your vision. Remember, it's your day, and you deserve to feel amazing!


Glow Woes

I understand the appeal of a nice, sun-kissed glow. However, it's important to keep in mind that fake tans can sometimes look more orange than natural in photographs. If you're unsure about using fake tan, it may be best to skip it altogether.

If you do opt for a fake tan, I will still make sure you look good in all your wedding photos. I’ve got you

When it comes to the getting ready portion of your day, I typically like to spend around 40 minutes to an hour with each partner. This allows me to capture all the important details, such as your outfit, hair, makeup, and any grooming that you may need. Of course, if one of you is getting ready faster or slower than the other, we can adjust our time accordingly.  Note_ most packages include a 2nd photographer so time will be a little longer!

getting ready

what to wear

If you've booked me to capture your getting ready moments, let your family and friends know ahead of time that I'll be taking photos during this time. That way, everyone can feel comfortable and ready for the camera.

To add a fun and cohesive touch to your photos, you and your wedding party could consider wearing matching slips, robes or pyjamas. For those who prefer to wear their own clothes, suggest wearing something casual or anything they feel confident and happy in.

time spent with you

when should i be ready-ish?

To ensure that we have plenty of time to capture all the precious moments of your getting-ready process, I arrive about 3 hours prior to your wedding time.  This gives me time to capture the details / dress / flat lays and hair and makeup prep and all the laughs and giggles. Let's pop the champas! 

Although you might prefer me not to take photos of you while putting on your outfit, regardless I will guide you on the how toos! All this is discussed during out bridal coaching where we talk and design your perfect time line. This way, we can discuss and plan what you're comfortable with me photographing and tailor it to your preferences.

I'll be leaving for the ceremony 10 minutes before you do, so please factor in enough time for any unexpected delays, such as makeup or hair running over time. But again I am the queen of time lines and your time keeper so this will not happen! 

If you are open to stepping away from tradition, a first look at your wedding can offer many benefits. This is where you and your partner share a private moment in your wedding attire while I capture every priceless reaction. Taking place between the getting ready and ceremony part of the day, it allows you to share an intimate moment without an audience, savour more precious time together on your special day, and ease any pre-ceremony nerves.

From a photography perspective, a first look allows me to capture raw genuine emotions, from the tears, smiles, and sheer excitement while you scream at your partner, “you look soooo good!“. It can also expand your photography timeline, ensuring a diverse collection of portraits, group shots, and romantic couple moments. Lastly, if your ceremony is later in the day, a first look enables us to make the most of the warm natural light for your portraits.

the first look


Section Two

flower children

Tiny humans walking down the aisle are adorable, but past experience has taught me it's best to have a plan B in case things don't go as smoothly as planned. If the little ones get overwhelmed or decide to do their own thing mid-walk, have someone close to them ready to step in and help them down the aisle.

Seeing so many strangers' faces at once can be daunting for young children, especially if it's their first time as flower children. Having a plan B in place will give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy the beautiful moment of walking down the aisle without worrying about any potential hiccups.

it can get windy

A long veil can be absolutely stunning, but unfortunately, it can cause some practical problems if it gets windy. If you're planning an outdoor ceremony and decide to wear a veil, it's a good idea to show your wedding party how to remove or adjust it so they can help you if it suddenly becomes very windy.

Also, keep in mind that it's perfectly normal to take a moment to adjust your outfit, remove your veil, or even sit down during your ceremony. Your loved ones are there to support and celebrate you, and they will understand if you need to take a break to feel more comfortable.

This is such a precious moment. Allow yourself to soak it all in and enjoy every second of it. I will I'll be there to capture every moment of you and your partner's reactions so really take your time.

If you’ll be holding a bouquet, it's best to hold it at your belly button with relaxed arms. If you are wearing a long dress, you may need to keep one hand free in case you need to slightly lift it while walking.

If the thought of walking down the aisle feels overwhelming, remember that you have options. You can choose to walk with a loved one, including your partner, to take the spotlight off of you. And if you're not a fan of traditions, feel free to skip the walk down the aisle altogether and show up in a way that feels true to you. 

walking down THE AISLE


Consider a phone-free ceremony, kindly ask guests to keep phones away to fully immerse themselves in the moment. It reduces distractions and helps capture candid shots without obstructions. Your celebrant can easily make the announcement before the ceremony begins to remind guests to turn off their devices and enjoy the ceremony with undivided attention.

yay, confetti time

End your ceremony with a colorful and fun confetti exit to celebrate your marriage. This can make for some truly gorgeous, incredible photos. You can opt for flower petals as an eco-friendly choice for confetti.

To organise the confetti exit, quietly hand out confetti as the ceremony comes to an end or pre-place it on the chairs before guests arrive. Remind your guests not to use it until you both exit the ceremony at the end.

For the best photos, walk down the entire aisle without stopping, while your guests throw confetti or flower petals. To prevent guests from interrupting the moment by hugging or congratulating you, ask your celebrant to announce that congratulations will take place after you have completed the walk.

After the ceremony, take some time to receive the love and well wishes from your guests. Find a clear and open space near the ceremony site and invite your guests to join you for congratulations. Your celebrant can also help facilitate this by inviting guests to come forward.

If you'd like to make it easier for your guests, you can also take the initiative to walk around and say thank you to each of them. They'll understand that this is their cue to offer their congratulations and share their love with you.


child free or not?

It's becoming more popular to have a child-free wedding, and it's completely acceptable to request this. You can include this information on your wedding invites if you choose to do so.

If you decide to invite children, it's possible that they may cry or become restless during your ceremony, leaving their parents feeling uncomfortable. To ease your anxiety, you can have a conversation with their caregivers beforehand. Let them know that if their child becomes fussy, it's okay for them to step out of the venue. This can reassure them and give them the option to leave the ceremony if necessary.

For optimal ceremony lighting, consider positioning yourselves in either direct light or all shade. It's best to avoid one of you being in the shade while the other is in the sun, as it can be difficult to capture good photos in this situation. If your ceremony is during the day and it's hot, staying in the shade can also help keep you comfortable.

For indoor or nighttime ceremonies, most venues and churches have adequate lighting, but if you have concerns about the lighting, we can meet at the location before your wedding day to assess the lighting and determine if extra lighting is necessary.

ceremony lighting

personal vows

Personal vows are optional and it's completely understandable if you feel uncomfortable sharing them in front of your guests.

If you would like to write personal vows, but prefer not to have an audience we can arrange a private moment for just the two of you to exchange them. I will be there to take photos unobtrusively in the background. We can plan this moment after getting ready, after your first look, in between your post-ceremony portraits, or during some sunset portrait session.

Choosing the right celebrant for your wedding is crucial since they will play a significant role in your special day. It's essential to select someone who you connect with and feel comfortable around.

Keep in mind that each celebrant has their own style, whether it's delivering a heartfelt speech or keeping things light and fun with some humor. To get a sense of their style, you can ask to see some videos of their past ceremonies. Another option to make your ceremony feel more personal is to have a friend officiate the ceremony, with the celebrant present to officiate.

choose your CELEBRANT

family portraits

Section Three


Section Three



If you want a group photo with all your loved ones, we can take it right after the ceremony when everyone is gathered together. We'll need plenty of space, so an outdoor location is ideal.

I'll work with the celebrant to direct everyone to the group photo spot. Enlisting a "loud" friend can also help gather everyone together. Though not necessary, a step ladder and loudspeaker can come in handy if we need to get everyone's attention and provide directions.

family two

This usually depends on how big your family is, how many groups you’ll be separating your family into, and how easy it is to coordinate everyone during the session.
Generally speaking we only do immediate family and the rest at reception.

+ 20 (6-8 groups): it will take around 10-20min

+ 30 plus (9-12 groups): it will take around 20 - 30min

I am so quick and with our very detailed time line I keep this to a minimum, but trust me you will not miss out! On average 20 mins.

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Parents

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Siblings 

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Immediate Family

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Extended Family 

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Grandparents

Generally, for a family of:

family one

family photos

Your wedding day is an incredible opportunity to capture precious moments with your loved ones. To make sure we get all the shots you want, I kindly request that you provide me with a list of the specific photo groups you have in mind ahead of time. Depending on the size of your family, this can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

To help everything run smoothly, I will ask one of your trusted friends or family members to assist me in gathering the different groups.

How Long Do Family Photos Take?

If there are any sensitive or challenging family dynamics that I should be mindful of, please feel free to share with me. My goal is to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for everyone on your special day.

Example of family photos for you and your partner may be:

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Parents

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Siblings 

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Immediate Family

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Extended Family 

+ Partner 1 & Partner 2 + Partner 1 Grandparents

couple photos
& wedding party

Section Four

How Long Do Couple Photos Take?

When it comes to capturing stunning photos of just the two of you, I want to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease. I understand your wedding day can be busy, so I'll do my best to work around your schedule and preferences.

To ensure we have enough time to create those beautiful, dreamy shots, I suggest allowing for 20-40 minutes of shooting time (not including travel time between locations). If you would like to visit several locations, allocating 1-1.5 hours for your shoot can give us enough time. Remember, less can be more - the fewer locations we have, the more time you'll have to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

During the photo session with your wedding party and the two of you, I prefer to take all the wedding party photos first before taking you both for some intimate shots. This way, you can have a moment to catch your breath and enjoy each other's company for the rest of the shoot.

If you want your wedding party to join in the couple's photo session, we can make it happen. But, I may suggest taking a short walk away from the group to capture some stunning shots of just you two.


Wedding Party

+ Emergency kit with safety pins, stain remover, and sewing kit.

+ Tissue for blotting sweat or tears

+ Snacks

What Should I Bring on the Couple Shoot?

+ Touch-up makeup and mirror.

+ Comb & Bobby Pins

+ Spare Shoes (just in case your feet get sore if we’re walking a lot between locations)

+ Permits for shooting locations.

+ Champagne/ Refreshments

+ Sunscreen

What Time of the Day Should We Take These Photos?

For the most beautiful tones, the ideal time for couple photos is during sunset and blue hour when the sun isn't too bright. However, if this isn't possible, don't worry! I have years of experience shooting in all types of lighting, so I will ensure to capture stunning photos no matter what. As long as there is some light available, I can work with it to create beautiful images for you to cherish.

For Feeling Great in Your Couple Photos

One of my top tips to help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera is to schedule an engagement session prior to your wedding day. This will give us the chance to get to know each other better plus, you’ll have even more beautiful photos for your walls! You can even use the engagement photos for your RSVPs, wedding invitations, and holiday greeting cards.

The most important thing to remember is to just be yourself! I understand that posing for photos can be daunting, but trust me, I will be there every step of the way, guiding you and making you feel at ease.

And if you're not a fan of posing, no problem! I love capturing candid moments too, and I will provide subtle prompts to help you feel natural and comfortable during your shoot.

hot tip

dinner & reception

Section Five

Big Tip

With all the exciting photo opportunities and events happening on your special day, I may not be able to capture the reception styling before your guests arrive. If these photos are important to you (which I totally understand), we could consider booking a second photographer to make sure everything is covered. Let's talk about this option further if you're interested.

Intricate details of your reception styling can add to the beautiful story of your special day. To ensure the photos look their best and there are no unwanted distractions, I would love to capture them before your guests arrive. Please let me know what time your guests will be arriving so I can plan accordingly.

reception styling

Photographing the

If you're unsure about the lighting at your reception venue, don't worry - I'm here to help. I have plenty of experience working with different lighting situations, and I can even bring my own lighting equipment if needed.

That being said, I try to avoid using flash photography during speeches, as it can be intrusive. If you can provide enough lighting for the reception and speeches, it will help me be less intrusive during this time, while also ensuring I get great photos. If you have any questions or concerns about the lighting, please don't hesitate to reach out - I'm happy to help in any way I can.



To make your cake cutting moment more special, I suggest planning ahead with the venue to have a knife and champagne set up on the table. This way, you won't have to worry about a thing and can just focus on enjoying the moment.

To make sure we capture the heartfelt moments of your speeches and guests' reactions, having adequate lighting in the speech area is important. If you're unsure about how much lighting is required, I'm can offer suggestions.


cutting The

Ask your venue to dim the lights and allow me to coordinate your first dance straight up after your sparkler entrance.  Having your guest involved with your first dance makes for a concert-like vibe and make for some incredible photos. Just let your band or DJ know, and they can inform your guests to head over to the dancefloor and take part in the magic.  And leave it all to me!  I will coordinate the PERFECT entrance!

first dance

I recommend allocating a 5-10 minutes in your photo timeline for me to set up some lighting. It won't take long, and it'll make all the difference in creating stunning shots.

Be sure to invite your loved ones to stand around the dancefloor during your first dance, and I'll be sure to capture their reactions to this special moment.

hot tip

The moment after your first dance is the perfect opportunity for everyone to hit the dance floor for a song or two. It's also an excellent chance for me to capture some early dance floor photos, especially if we're on a tight timeline. If your guests need a little nudge to get the party started, your wedding party can lead the way by joining you on the dance floor first and encouraging everyone else to follow. Let's make some memories! Let's light up the dance floor with some unforgettable moments!

D-Floor Time Before I Leave

Be Sure to Schedule some

Depending on the photography package you choose, photographing your final exit, such as a sparkler exit, may not be the most efficient use of our time together. However, if you would like this moment captured, please let me know in advance so we can discuss the day's timeline and potentially book additional hours if necessary.

It's important to keep in mind that sparkler exits can be unpredictable. Although they can create some beautiful and fun photos, coordinating a large group of people to hold sparklers and form two lines can be challenging, especially when alcohol is involved. I will do my best to capture this moment, but please understand that it may not always turn out exactly as planned.

leaving with a bang

what else?

Section Six

In the event of rain, don't fret! Rainy shots can be incredibly romantic and unique. If you're unsure of the weather or if rain is forecasted, I highly recommend purchasing some nice, sturdy umbrellas just in case. This way, we can still capture some beautiful moments without getting drenched. Let's work together to make the most out of whatever weather comes our way.

THE weather

taking a break

As much as I am dedicated to capturing every moment of your special day, I am only human and will need to take breaks to eat, drink, and catch my breath. I always bring some snacks with me, but when dinnertime comes, I will eat at the same time as you and your guests. No one wants photos of themselves while eating anyway, so I won't be missing anything. 

should i hire a videographer

If you do choose to hire a videographer, I will work closely with them to capture all of your precious moments in the best way possible. It’s important to choose a videographer who shares a similar style with me, so we can collaborate seamlessly on the day. For instance, if the videographer has a different style that doesn't match my elegant, emotive, and timeless approach, it might be challenging to get the shots that you want when they are directing you.

If you're not sure who to hire, don't worry. I'm happy to recommend some trusted videographers who align with my editing and work style. If you decide not to book a videographer, make sure you ask one of your guests to at least film the speeches. Believe me, you won't regret it and will love watching the replay! 

timeline example

Section Eight

all based around sunset time

PARTNER ONE: Photograph Bride/Partner One makeup/grooming, outfit details, and invitations.

Hair and Makeup to be finished and lets pop champas and take photos in robes/pj's

Bridal party to be completely dressed (bags at the door ready to go)

Photograph Bride / Partner Two getting dressed, single portraits, bridal party and family photos

I, Bride/Partner One and party leave for the ceremony (allow for travel time)

PARTNER TWO: Second Photog arrives to photograph the Groom / Partner 2, getting dressed, single portraits, bridal party and family photos

Groom + guests arrive at the ceremony.

Ceremony starts.

Ceremony ends + congratulation photos.

Group photo with all the wedding guests.

Family group photos. Second photog photographs the reception and details

Guests having canapés + drinks. We go take couple photos.

Couple photos + bridal party

Sunset + blue hour photos. Guests find their reception seats or gather around the dance floor

Couple and wedding party entrance + first dance 

Invite everyone on dance floor

Guests find their reception seats. 

Dinner + speeches

Dessert is served + We sneak off for some night portraits (Optional).

We get back / D-floor Shots.

All Done!

 Example of 8/10-Hour Coverage

Example of 5-Hour Coverage 

Example of 3-Hour Coverage

included in Package One

included in Package two

(based on 1 photog)

(based on 1 photog)

included in Package three




















Photographer + Groom/Partner 2 + guests arrive at ceremony.

Ceremony starts.

Ceremony ends + Congratulation Photos

Group photos and family group photos

Guests having canapés + drinks. We go take couple photos.

Couple photos + bridal party

Sunset + blue hour photos. Guests find their reception seats or gather around the dance floor

Couple and wedding party entrance + first dance

Invite everyone on dance floor

Dinner + speeches + cake cut

All done!


Want another option?  I start at 1pm for pre wedding photos and finish at 6.15pmish.....












I arrive at the ceremony location/setup before guests start to arrive.

Ceremony starts

Ceremony ends + Congratulation Photos

Group photos and family group photos

Guests having canapés + drinks. We go take couple photos.

Couple photos + bridal party

Sunset + blue hour photos. Guests find their reception seats or gather around the dance floor

Couple and wedding party entrance + first dance 

Invite everyone on dance floor 

Cake cutting  + all done!

(based on 2 photogs)













Section Nine

Remember to take a deep breath, today is a celebration of your love story, so soak up every moment of joy and excitement.

Create a photo timeline for the day to make sure we capture all the special moments.

Write down a list of all the family group shots - send to me before the wedding.

Write down any specific photos your would like - send to me before the wedding.

Holla whenever you want a photo of you or you with a group.

Gather all the accessories you want in your detail shots and have them ready in the morning.

Bring your wedding invites, and I'll make sure to capture them for you.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, tidy up the getting ready location before I arrive - nominate someone to help you with this.

Make sure the reception area is well-lit to get the best shots possible.




















Get caught up in trying to please everyone else. Remember, this day is about you and your partner. It's okay to say no to certain requests or traditions that don't align with your vision.

Worry about the photos - I got you.

Stare at the camera - just be yourself and pretend I'm not even there, except for group and posed shots.

Forget to eat and drink water throughout the day. You want to have enough energy to enjoy the day and make it through the long haul.

Feel like you can't take breaks and recharge. It's a long day, and you'll need some downtime to rest and reflect.

Be afraid to delegate tasks to trusted family members or friends. You don't have to do everything yourself, and it's okay to ask for help.

Hesitate to reach out to me about anything.

Forget to book a wedding album - it's discounted when booked with your wedding package.



















wedding planners

Below is some complimentary checklist to help you plan your big day. These aren't 'have to' lists as a wedding can look however you want and involve anything that aligns with you. For this reason use this list as a guide for what your wedding day could involve. You can print out the planners and use the checkboxes to mark off what you've accomplished or if something doesn't apply to your wedding, just mark it as N/A.

wedding checklist planner

Getting Ready Location

▢  Bluetooth Speaker
     (for the tunes while you get ready)

▢  Games 

▢  Food & Drinks

▢  Clothing Iron/s or steamer

▢  Lint Roller

▢  Someone to Tie the Ties

▢  Hair Dryer

To Take to the Wedding

▢  Little Sewing Kit

▢  Deodorant

▢  Tissues

▢  Spare Bobby Pins

▢  Comb

▢  Hairspray

▢  Painkillers 

▢  Band-aids

▢  Floss

▢  Safety Pins

▢  Lipstick, Gloss and/or Chapstick

▢  Shawl
     (incase you get cold)

▢  Umbrellas 

Wedding Planning Checklist

Purchase / Find for the Couple:

▢  Rings

▢  Dress

▢  Heels

▢  Jewellery

▢  Veil / Headpiece

▢  Nude Underwear / Pasties

▢  Perfume

▢  Suit

▢  Belt

▢  Tie

▢  Tie Clip

▢  Pocket Square

▢  Watch

▢  Cuff Links

▢  Shoes

▢  Socks

▢  Reception Outfit

▢  Reception Shoes

▢  Shawl

To Book / Organise:

▢  Photographer

▢  Videographer

▢  Stylist

▢  Wedding Coordinator

▢  Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist

▢  Celebrant

▢  Acoustic Act for Ceremony

▢  Reception & Dancefloor DJ / Band

▢  MC

▢  Transport

▢  Nail Parlour Appointment

▢  Getting Ready Location/s

▢  Ceremony Venue / Location

▢  The Reception Venue / Location
    (if different from ceremony)

▢  Signage

▢  Florist

▢  Catering
    (If not part of the venue service)

▢  Bar
    (if not provided by venue)

▢  Wedding Cake

▢  Photo Booth

▢  Wedding Arch Styling

▢  Ceremony Seating
     (If not provided by venue)

▢  Reception Tables & Seating
     (If not provided by venue)

▢  Napkins

▢  Cutlery

▢  Plates

▢  Lights for Reception
     (if outside or in dark venue)

▢  Candles

▢  Table Cloths

▢  Table Decorations

To Hire

To Purchase / Find - General:

▢  Wedding Invites

▢  Confetti
     (or petals from your florist)

Create Styling Mood Boards For:

▢  Ceremony Styling

▢  Reception Styling

▢  Dinner Sets

▢  Flowers

▢  Signage

▢  Dress

▢  Heels

▢  Suits

▢  Belts

▢  Ties

▢  Cufflinks

▢  Shoes

▢  Buttonhole Flowers

▢  Corsage
     (For parents)

▢  Flower Crown
     (For flower children)

▢  Flower Children Outfits

▢  Ring Bearer Outfits

Purchase / Find for the Wedding Party:

To Do:

▢  Write Wedding Vows

▢  Print Wedding Vows
     (If written digitally)

▢  Write Card for Partner


Item Checklist

Getting Ready Location

12-18 Months

8-12 Months 

4-8 Months

▢  Finalise guest list

▢  Book an engagement photo session (with me ☺)

▢  Send save-the-date cards or create a Facebook event
      your save-the-date cards or Facebook event can                feature one of your engagement photos

▢  Plan the wedding ceremony, including any readings
      or special traditions

▢  Book accommodations for out-of-town guests and/or          send guests accommodation recommendations

▢  Book transportation for the wedding party and                    guests (if needed)

▢  Start planning your honeymoon

▢  Register for wedding gifts or organise a wishing well

▢  Hire any additional vendors
      as a wedding day-of coordinator or a calligrapher for

▢  Choose and purchase wedding rings

▢  Choose and order wedding party attire

▢  Select, order and send out wedding invitations

▢  Choose and order a wedding cake and other desserts

▢  Plan and book the rehearsal dinner

▢  Plan the wedding day timeline

▢  Book a meeting with your celebrant to go over the
      ceremony details

▢  Arrange for any necessary rental equipment, such as
      tables, chairs, linens, etc.

▢  Choreograph and practice the first dance
      practice makes perfect, so it's good to start early. If
      you want a more relaxed first dance - prepare a
      month before or make it up on the spot. Have fun
      with it!

The Day Before

On Your Wedding Day

2-4 Months

1 Month

1-2 Weeks

▢  Set a budget for the wedding

▢  Determine the size and style of wedding you want

▢  Begin creating mood boards for your stylist or yourself
      can easily be created in Pinterest, see 'Create Styling        Mood Boards' in the Checklist

▢  Choose your wedding date

▢  Select your wedding party
     if you are having one

▢  Research and book your ceremony and reception                venues

▢  Hire a wedding planner (if desired)

▢  Begin compiling a guest list

▢  Research and book vendors
      see 'To Book / Organise' in the Checklist and                    Recommended Vendors' in the Wedding Guide

▢  Start shopping for wedding attire and accessories

before the wedding

before the wedding

before the wedding

before the wedding

before the wedding

before the wedding

the wedding

▢  Book wedding attire fittings for you, your partner and
      wedding party

▢  Choose wedding music
      including special dances, entrances and reception

▢  Finalise menu with the caterer

▢  Book wedding bands

▢  Confirm guest count with caterer and venue

▢  Pick and buy place cards, menus, seating chart,
      signage, and table No

▢  Purchase gifts for the wedding party and parents

▢  Obtain marriage license
      if registering your marriage before the wedding. You
      do this so a friend can unofficially officiate your
      ceremony on the day

▢  Make and share wedding day timeline with vendors,
     party, and family

▢  Finalise all details with vendors

▢  Confirm guest count with caterer and venue

▢  Finalise seating chart

▢  Purchase any last-minute items like favours or gifts.

▢  Attend final wedding attire fittings

▢  Write vows
      have someone review your vows for similar length
      and emotional style

▢  Return my questionnaire with all info on timeline
      and group shots

▢  Confirm any uncertain final details with all vendors

▢  Pack for honeymoon

▢  Pick up wedding attire

▢  Arrange for any final payments to vendors (my final
      payment is now due)

▢  Have a final meeting with your wedding planner
      (if applicable)

▢  Provide vendors and guests with an alternate number
      for the wedding day
      it could be the number of your wedding planner or a          knowledgeable friend/family member

▢  Relax and enjoy time with family and friends

▢  Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

▢  Get a good night's sleep!

▢  Get ready with your partner and/or wedding party

▢  Feel free to ask your friends and family for help on
      your big day
      whether you need drinks, snacks, or anything else,
      your friend and family want you to have an
      unforgettable time. So go ahead and reach out to
      them, and let them know what you need.

▢  Take a deep breath and enjoy each and every                    moment!

wedding Timeline Planner