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July 28, 2022


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10 top questions to ask your wedding photographer



How long will I

need you at my wedding

There is no simple answer on this, it depends…..So here are some things to think about, and they are important… 3 or 10 hours? So what does a 3 hour package look like? well this one is perfect for an elopement or in general very small coverage, no fuss. The first hour starts 1 hour before wedding. Here is where I will capture the details of getting ready (limited photos) and moving to wedding. 2nd hour is the wedding itself including family and group photos if any, and then 3rd hour is a creative session before the entry to reception. That is it! Simple but stunning!

Let’s talk a traditional day

Where you are wanting it all. 3 hours before the wedding for pre wedding photos, The wedding, family and group shots, up to 2 hours for creative session on location and then the reception, first dance, speeches, cake and more. Generally I stay till 8pm But I can and will stay till 10pm if the dance floor is on fire!

My thoughts on how long for you?

I recommend around 5 to 10 hours. If your ceremony and reception are in the same location (which is the ultimate way to have the most relaxing day can I say?), it might be nearer 5 hours, but if you do want getting-ready and first-look photos and lots of dancing photos, then it might be nearer 10 hours. Eight hours of wedding coverage is our most booked coverage and will cover most wedding days from start to finish.

What is involved for me?

For me as your photographer for an 8 hour day of coverage?

Photography is not an hourly rate based of the 3 or 10 hours on the day.


The art of taking the photo,

the training behind it,

download time,

back up time,


sneak peeks,

uploading to gallery

organisation of photos,

the photoshow,

preparing delivery and prints,

not to mention the pre wedding work of meetings, timelines, engagement shoots, catch ups and so much more…. which I love love love!

All in all, the POST wedding work can often take as long as the wedding itself but in most cases far longer. So when I charge a little extra for staying longer you are paying for all that post work too!

We photographers loooovvvveee our jobs and I pride myself on planning along side you in preparation for your big day! I want this day for you to be relaxing and so memorable in time and in photos!

I am your third wheel

from planning, wedding day and after. It is wise to have a coffee with your photographer and talk through all the logistics before signing on the dotted line. Not only to tick off what is important to you but also to meet the personality behind the camera and the very person that will be by your side the whooooolle day and more.

Not sure what to ask your photographer during that coffee chat? Well here are a list of questions I am regularly asked and the answers that apply to the business of weddings with Elk and Fir! SO! Before signing on the dotted line…read on!

The top 10 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

– I hope that is me heheheee!


I lie… It’s kinda more than 10…  

AVAILABILITY – that is easy but an important one!  If you are flexible on dates then I am too!

WHO WILL BE SHOOTING YOUR WEDDING – well that would be me!  I do have a second photographer to help me with photographing your partner before the wedding, the wedding itself and then the reception set up and all the details.

HOW MANY OTHER WEDDINGS DO I SHOOT OVER THAT WEEKEND?   Only the one. I like to be on my A game and fresh.  Not tired from the day before.

BACKGROUND CHECK – stalk me! love me!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SHOOTING WEDDINGS?  I have been shooting since 2011 and I can not even count how many beautiful couples I have documented in imagery.  It really is the most wonderful job!

DO YOU OFTEN SHOOT WEDDINGS THAT ARE A SIMILAR SIZE AND STYLE TO OURS? I shoot elopements and have shot a wedding with 350 guests and all in between.

CAN WE SEE A FULL WEDDING GALLERY OF A RECENT WEDDING SHOOT? You most certainly can.  I can send you a gallery online or you can visit my Blog.

HAVE YOU EVER SHOT A WEDDING AT OUR CEREMONY / RECEPTION VENUE? – If not, do you plan to check the venues out in advance?  I always check out the venue and region the day prior to the event if a destination wedding or if closer to home I sometimes meet the couple at the venue for their bridal coaching session.

WHAT IS THE BRIDAL COACHING SESSION? It is where we catch up for a coffee to talk all things wedding.  We will discuss your timeline and action plans, DYI, styling and locations for your creative session.

My Style…

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE? Ooohhhh I vibe off raw, earthy tones and

E M O T I O N….  My work is on the darker moody style however not all my photos are dark.  For example, the pre wedding photos with the bride.  Most of these are brighter with a small selection of moody images.  The men on the other hand are the same but a little more moodier.  We can’t have the men all light bright and pretty can we?  I want my images for the men to be more ‘manly’!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR WORKING STYLE ? – Do you prefer to blend into the background to capture candid moments, or do you like to be more visible and take charge to choreograph images?  I feel I am mostly a ‘fly on the wall’ however my style of posing is just simple guided posing.  I most definitely guide my couples and they love the guidance.

DO YOU SHOOT DIGITALLY? WITH FILM? OR BOTH? – Only digital.  I am known to bring along a polaroid sometimes just for fun.  I love to do the reels as a teaser too!

My Pricing…

My pricing is customisable! 

Pricing ranges from $2200 up to $8500.  The average spend is $4950. 

3 hours up to 10 hours.

The standard all day package include everything (no album). 

That is an engagement session, wedding guest book, keepsake glass box with rosegold USB, a selection of 5×7 fine art prints, a 20×30 in fine art mounted print, bridal coaching, TIMELINES and planning and sooooo much more!

DO YOU OFFER A PHOTO BOOTH? – I most certainly can!  They are a fantastic way to get the shy ones up for photos and so entertaining to watch.

DO YOU OFFER RETOUCHING, COLOUR ADJUSTMENT ETC?Are those included or an additional charge?  All included in my wedding packages.  Every image is professionally edited.  My couples receive a colour and black and white version! Plus a few extra creatives.

DO YOU CHARGE A TRAVEL FEE? – Only for distances outside of Brisbane, Sunny Coast and Gold Coast.  That is for travel plus accommodation for 2 nights.  Why two nights?  I do not trust the airlines to get there me to your location on the day.  And I like to tour the location and venue the day before.  I prefer not to wing it on the day.  I love to take my time to see my options and as a creative I get sooo many ideas in this process.  Win win!

HOW LONG AFTER THE WEDDING WILL WE RECEIVE THE IMAGES? – In the contract it says 6-8 weeks but sometimes it is 4 weeks. 

HOW WILL THEY BE DELIVERED? – Two ways. Online gallery where you can share, download and print.  Further you will receive in the mail a gorgesou brass edged glass print box with a selection of fine art prints wrapped in silk with a rosegold crystal usb.  The most stunning keepsake.

WILL WE HAVE THE RIGHTS TO THE IMAGES? You most absolutely will have print rights.  I do guide you on how to print and where to print, to back up, the works!

WILL WE RECEIVE THE NEGATIVES AND / HIGH RESOLUTION DIGITALS? All High Res with option to down load as low res also for social media. Is there a fee for that? NOOOOOoooooo

WILL THE IMAGES BE ACCESSIBLE ONLINE? – For how long? For as long I live I suspect.

Print & Album Options

I have 3 stunning albums to choose from, all fine art and made with love in Australia.  I guide my couples through this process, helping choose your images and providing a proof for changes (free) prior to ordering.  Turn around time is 6-8 weeks for delivery.


All the Logistics

WHEN WILL WE RECEIVE THE CONTRACT? –  When a couple book I send out an online booking proposal which will include a contract and invoice with payment schedule.  My couples are welcome to pay off the wedding in instalments to suit their budgeting plan.

HOW MUCH IS THE DEPOSIT ? – When is it due?  It is due within 7 days for $500.

WHAT IS YOUR REFUND OR CANCELATION POLICY? – This is all in the contract.  The $500 retainer is non refundable.  The rest is refundable depending on the contract, situation and timing.

DO YOU HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE ? – Does it cover your assistants, as well?  Yes fully covered in every way.  Yes assistants are covered.

DO YOU CARRY BACKUP EQUIPMENT? – Oh absolutely.  And it has come in handy.  I never want to be in a pickle that is for sure.  I only get one shot at shooting a wedding.  There are no second chances, so I am prepared!

WHAT IS THE BACK UP PLAN IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SHOOT MY WEDDING FOR AN UNEXPECTED REASON? – I have a large group of photographer friends, we are all so accommodating and happy to help each other out.  And we have done!  But having said that I have high standards and the photographer to step into my shoes will not just be anyone!  I want the best for you!

HOW WILL YOU AND YOUR ASSISTANT BE DRESSED ? – Generally in black.  Dressy top or dress.  Wedding appropriate. Make up hair….

CAN WE REQUEST A LIST OF SPECIFIC SHOTS WE WOULD LIKE? – Yes you can for sure but you will find they are already on my list!  I am flexible and open to your ideas and thoughts!

WILL YOU BE POSTING ABOUT OUR WEDDING ON YOUR WEBSITE / SOCIAL MEDIA? – Will you be submitting our photos to magazines or blogs? Yes yes yes with your permission of course!

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