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June 29, 2022

boudoir & glamour

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

– Coco Chanel



Brisbane , Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

You are a warrior… You are beautiful… You are strong.

I photograph courageous women who are chasing a self love experience to redefine their already inner goddess. There is a warrior within. Let’s find her! I guide you to a rediscovery of your femininity. We are all gorgeous. But sometimes we need to be reminded. In the chaos of life our inner goddess becomes suppressed. The chaos of work, running kids around, there is a list right….? 

Life is a journey and we are in a new age where self love and investing in yourself is paramount. It is not selfish. When you are sitting on a plane and listening to the safety message what do they say? ‘Put your mask on first before you help others…. ‘ 

Boudoir with Elk and Fir is an empowering experience. A morning of hair, make up, refreshments and a little music and bubbly! 

The total pampering experience … Capturing your raw beauty in stills, your images will be 


It’s all about you.


Hi! I am Carissa,

the soul behind the lens photographing your boudoir shoot! I am just an ordinary girl that loves what photography can do, how it can make you feel, and how a boudoir shoot can empower you! I love love love to show women how beautiful they are. I have been told a number of times how life changing it has been!


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The $290 session fee INCLUDES:

  • 2–4 hours of pampering

  • Professional hair and makeup 

  • 40 min  photoshoot with Carissa (marathons are 40 mins / individual bookings are up to 1.5 hours)

  • Private studio / loft

  • Private online gallery – password protected  

*does not include photos. Print and digital packages additional

Now this session states only one outfit however you will receive a variety of different looks, as you’ll have access to the client closet! A wardrobe of sheer tops, sloppy jumpers, and stunning robes from the likes of Honey Birdette and more! So you do not have to spend a lot of money on purchasing lingerie for this shoot! My style is more suggestive.


If you are interested, and would like to know more? then just holla!

HIT THE send me your package pricing button and enter your details so Carissa can send you the brochure including packages and pricing!


Dearest Carissa, 

As I woke up today, I caught myself saying ‘I’m beautiful’. The first time in 39 years I’ve ever thought that let alone effortlessly. To think I almost wasn’t here to have this shoot with you due to illness. I now have THE most amazing photos I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much these photos mean to me. I’ve had the hardest 2 years of my life, but these photos are the celebration/the rainbow at the end, that will help me remember the hard times but also celebrate what amazing things can happen. I will be forever grateful to you. 

With love Zoë

Bridal Boudoir

Step away from the stresses of planning your big day and melt into a luxurious bridal boudoir shoot just for you. Slip into your bridal lingerie along with your veil, wedding shoes, garter, robe or any other accessories and allow me to capture a gallery of divine pre-wedding rapture. Not wearing bridal lingerie? I got you! Just touch base for guidance!

Some brides-to-be choose to gift the final album to their partner on the morning of their wedding. It really is the perfect gift! While others keep it as an intimate gift for themselves, a celebration of self before getting married.

I have a wardrobe of sheers, lace robes and veils, perfect for a bridal boudoir shoot. Your shoot is also open to the black classic look and other versions. It does not have to be all white.

Maternity Photography

There is nothing more feminine than capturing the divine energy radiating off an expectant mother! I welcome you to dress similarly to a standard boudoir session, however with this shoot in particular, there is always the option to weave tasteful suggestive nudes to highlight your blooming tummy or use light clothing like sloppy sweaters or this knit crop

Typically, maternity boudoir sessions are booked between 28 and 36 weeks (seven or eight months), seven months is the perfect time, but it really is a personal decision and comes down to how you are feeling within yourself. If you are not quite sure then just touch base and I can guide you, I am a mumma or three son’s so I kinda get it 🙂


Hugs Carissa xx

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