May 13, 2024


Are you ready to dive into the art of styled shoots and transform your photography skills? Join us for an exclusive one-on-one course with the talented Carissa, where passion meets creativity in a whirlwind of learning and fun!


Styled shoots are collaborative ventures where various creative professionals come together with a shared objective. The essence of this collaboration is a barter system, where no one charges for their services. Instead, each participant contributes their skill and creativity in exchange for valuable content that can be used for marketing and portfolio enhancement. 

This will be taught during your first day of learnings but personally, I feel that the barter system where no one charges does leave me feeling a little uneasy. That is, for me as a photographer I only give my time, but say for a florist?  There is a real cost to their involvement so I do like to make sure that some how there costs are covered to some degree… all this I will teach you. 

One of the primary goals, beyond the creation of beautiful and unique content, is to submit the work to prestigious publications. For example, getting featured in magazines like Hello May is a common aspiration. This not only gives the participants a platform for greater exposure but also adds credibility and prestige to their portfolios.

In these collaborations, each participant, from photographers to stylists, benefits mutually. They gain access to high-quality, professional content without the upfront costs typically associated with such productions. This approach fosters a community spirit, encourages networking, and opens doors to new opportunities within the creative industry.

Day 1: Mastering the Craft and Business Insights

  • Duration: Up to 4 hours
  • Mode: Zoom or In-Person
  • Dive into the nuances of creating your unique styled shoot. We cover the ‘how-tos’ and sprinkle in some essential business insights to give you a well-rounded view.
  • As a committed artist, Carissa is an open book, ready to share her wealth of knowledge. But remember, the depth of your learning hinges on your engagement and enthusiasm. Bring your curiosity and eagerness to learn!
  • Let’s create that dream styled shoot!

Two Weeks Later: The Styled Shoot Experience

  • Witness the magic of a styled shoot unfold. Carissa will demonstrate how she blends artistry with authenticity, turning a styled shoot into a masterpiece that resonates with real emotions.
  • This is your chance to observe, ask questions, and absorb techniques that make a styled shoot not just a project, but a story coming to life.

Why This Course?

  • It’s not just a course; it’s an interactive, quirky adventure in photography where you’re not just a spectator, but a participant in the creative process.
  • Carissa’s approach is unique – she doesn’t just teach, she immerses you in the experience, making learning dynamic and enjoyable.
  • It’s tailored to you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all lecture. It’s a journey shaped by your input, questions, and creativity.

Who Should Join?

  • Whether you’re a budding photographer or someone looking to add a new flair to your portfolio, this course is perfect for those who want to step up their game in styled photography.


  • Not just skills, but an experience that will leave you inspired, knowledgeable, and ready to create your styled shoots with confidence and a touch of Carissa’s unique style.

So, are you ready to embark on this creative journey? Sign up now and let’s turn those dreams into stunning, authentic photographic narratives together! Remember, your journey into the art of styled photography is just a click away!

* this price does not include the costings of the actual styled shoot.  As mentioned above I will teach you on how to keep this at a minimum…

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