Mentorship with Elk + Fir

May 6, 2024

for photographers


Join me in a remarkable journey to uncover the passions that ignite your soul. Together, we will celebrate the very essence of life that sets your heart ablaze. This is the enchanting realm where extraordinary things happen.

Picture this: I extend an invitation, asking you to join me on a captivating adventure as your trusted third wheel. You graciously accept, and in our shared experiences, you will uncover all there is to learn about photography, your way, your vibe.

This Program is for Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Travel additional for regions outside of SE Qld.

A Unique One-on-One Content Creation Mentorship Program

It’s time to unleash your inner adventurousness and creativity through our mentorship program, where you will experience and learn everything you need to know about weddings and elopements and intimate wedding photography. Have you ever wondered how I create such emotional images, capturing the love, the connection and those sweet intimate moments? And that perfect landscape image for your clients to hang on their wall?

This 8 hour + Mentorship Program is specifically designed for the fiercely creative who is looking to devour learnings and unleash their spirit and vibe for wedding and elopement adventures!! BUT not limited to weddings, think intimate couple shoot, bridal boudoir, proposals.

My goal is to  authentically tell their story through the art of photography, I am a travel addict and soul searcher who is addicted to capturing the love and connection.


Welcome to the land of learning.  One thing I am addicted to is learning and in the photography world, it does not matter how long you have been at it you will never stop learning, experimenting and continually be amazed at what you can create.

I have over 15 years of experience in the industry, 13 years of that in the Wedding game with over 500 weddings in my portfolio.  I am so excited now to be extending my services to mentoring.  I have created a mentorship program that is not only about learning the tips and tricks of wedding photography but the business of photography.  In addition, this will be a FULL DAY CONTENT CREATION PROGRAM where we will be photographing a couple.  Now this part is up to you but if you want to have this ‘styled’ then by all means let’s do it!  I will teach you also about how to create your own styled shoots and this part of the learning process starts before your start day!  Not only do I want you to learn all that you can in the limited time, I want content that you can take home and add to your portfolio!  I am all for creating a full immersive experience for you!

This program is limited as a one-on-one program but you may bring your photog friend for the ride, (additional cost) but I only have room for two max.  These teachings are designed for intense one-on-one so that you have full attention to what YOU want to learn.  But if I was you?  I would go one on one.  Can you imagine how much information you can squeeze out of me in this time!  This is huge!

In this mentoring session you can ask me absolutely anything!  I am an open book! You will have full access to my past beautiful work including full wedding galleries.  You will see how I edit and deliver my galleries and so much more! Most importantly this mentorship is guided also by what YOU want to learn. So take a look at what is available to you.  There is no way to learn ‘all’ that is available to you so, I highly recommend you prepare yourself with questions and focus on what’s important to you.  I truly want you to get the most out of this experience and go home with excitedly with a head full of information ready to implement into your business.


What you will receive:

In person mentorship – Full Day 9 – 7pm (time based around sunset)

8-10 hours – A personalised session with me opens up a world of possibilities for expanding your knowledge about various aspects of your workflow, post-processing techniques, backup systems, and how I personally manage a wedding couple from enquiry through to delivery of their wedding album.  During this session, I will eagerly and openly share my daily practices with you, providing you with valuable insights to help you grow and improve. You’ll have the chance to ask any questions that come to mind and gain valuable knowledge from my years of experience in this exciting industry. Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of wedding photography and uncover valuable tips and tricks that can elevate your skills to new heights!

9am – 3pm Theory + Q&A

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of photography, covering all the cool stuff that matters most to you. We’re talking business smarts and creative sparks, and hey, it’s your show, so we’re gonna chat about whatever floats your photography boat. And trust me, the list is long, so get ready for a wild ride through topics like:

–        Complete workflow

–        The client experience from first contact to final delivery

–        Access to all my templates and questionnaires, timelines

–        Post processing, editing – Colour Processing and presets. You will receive FREE 3 Elk and Fir presets!

–        Posing and composition

–        How to directing couples naturally to bring out their personality and to capture those emotive images.  We want to capture their soul as a couple

–        Presets and coupons for photography programs

–        Lighting situations – we all want to shoot in that soft golden afternoon glow, but what about blue hour, and midday?

–        Marketing

–        Pricing and packages

–        Finding your vibe

–        Workflow

–        Leads and sales

–        Suppliers introductions for your prints and albums

–        Blogging – the quickest way

–        Advice on your website or social media

–        Backing up processes

–        and soooo much more….


02 EVENING: shoot together 3 – 7pm

Couple shoot – Learnings and Content Creation

–   I will personally arrange a couple shoot of your choice (think brand / your vibe)

–       This includes location scouting – City / Urban, Nature, In home, your choice!

This is the perfect opportunity to see how I work and interact with my couples ie how I softly guide them to create emotive soulful images.

You will also have your chance to direct our couple and ask me anything you want! This mentorship is UP TO YOU in how much you want to take away.

And BONUS! You walk away with creative content for your website and socials! So let’s make it count!


  – 1 hour per week via zoom. (2 consecutive weeks post mentorship date only)

  – 3 Elk and Fir Presets

  – online freebies

AND 50% OFF ANY future online course (coming soon)
SO MUCH VALUE over $4500!


FULL DAY session – $2200 (gst inc)

Pay in full and receive $200 OFF

Coupon Code ‘EF200OFF’

 Paypal + AfterPay 4 installment options on check out

Other options by enquiry only 

Half Day 9-3pm  or  2-hour session

Mentorship with Elk and Fir Photography

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