March 7, 2023



LOVE the first sip photos of that expensive champas! hahahah

I have been involved with 100’s of couples planning their big day so I would like to share a little wedding wisdom with you!

1. Your day is going to fly by! It is nothing like attending a wedding as a guest, where you can sip champagne and observe the day, You will blink and it will be all over. So be as present as you can so as to take it all in. Breath it in slowly. Look up!

Hire a team that you can trust implicity especially the right photographer to capture it all ! You will want to relive it and you will want to relive the things that you missed. AND you WILL miss things, trust me. Being omnipresent is impossible.

At the end of the day, after it all, all you have is your photos and video. So make sure you connect, communicate and love their work.

2. Trust all the Vendors you have contracted so that you can be present. Let go of the details. You have put everything in place now to make this day happen. So let it. Concerning yourself on the day with all the details will busy your mind, taking you away from what is important. Breath and enjoy! Take it all in! You only have this day once.

3. Finally, do all plans in life go to plan? No. Your wedding will not be perfect as you had planned. I know you are shocked to hear this from a wedding pro… but it is true. All the little changes and details may or may not fall into place, again trust your people.

What is important is how you FEEL. Adjust your expectations and mind. It is a love filled crazy day, so the burden of perfection is way to heavy to carry when this day should be about love, intimacy, family and friends.

Your wedding WILL be perfect, regardless of what happens. I have had weather disasters destroy a venue and it moved and all come together perfectly. Was it a perfect day in the end? YES! And what a story to tell!

So release the burden, release the pressure, release your mind and let in the love. Breath and have a dam ball! It is your day!

Love Carissa xx