Maternity & Proposal // Nikita + Luke

February 11, 2023

engagements & couples, families

Oh my, these cuties turned a prepared Maternity Shoot into a surprise proposal!!!!

The night before the shoot Luke contacted me to let me know of his plans to propose to the love of his life carrying their precious baby boy! Nikita and Luke are close family friends of mine and I actually got excited when I knew it was him calling as I had a sneaky suspicion this was what he was going to ask! ahahah! and BINGO yes! I just adore proposals. The nerves with the Groom to be and the excitement in just waiting for this to happen. I love the surprise, the tears, the love, the rawness!

I have so many people asking me how I make this happen… well this is definitely one question I can not answer publicly as it will spoil it for my followers that are waiting for ‘their’ proposal! All I can say is I have my sneaky ways hahaha!

Enjoy this gorgeous lil’ golden hour shoot out in the country. I truly did!

Carissa xoxo