Wedding vs elopement: What is right for you?

January 14, 2024

elopements, weddings

Mt Cook New Zealand Elopement

Аre you the traditional bride who would rather celebrate with hundreds of guests on your special day, or would you want to celebrate your love in an intimate setting with your closest people? Or just the two of you….

It goes without saying that planning a traditional wedding is very different from planning an elopement. So many couples nowadays make a pro con list ‘Wedding vs elopement’ why elope, in order to decide what will suit them. However, in the last years, elopements became incredibly popular. Why? Due to their many advantages! Here are some of them:

Intimacy and less stress

I can tell you that one of the main reasons why couples choose intimate celebrations and elopements and completely ditch traditional weddings is because they get so overwhelmed just thinking about organising a grand event. The nerves and thought of all eyes on them,is just not them…. So instead of generating stressful situations for a whole year, or more, many couples opt for an alternative to seal their union, a beautiful elopement. 

Nowadays, with the advice of professionals, you can create a truly memorable one. And not only because of the spectacular photos you will get, or promising eternal love in some very special place in the world – when it comes to elopements, you can really focus on what is important, the love and dedication between the two of you. It really is the most perfect moment, just the two of you!

Portfolio of epic photos

Of course, while saying ‘I do’ in a beautiful destination, expect a lot from your photographer. As an elopement photographer, I am all in!!!! I will help you plan and guide you toward the perfect wedding vendors to create the perfect team for the most perfect day!  And when it comes to the photos, you can rest assured that they are going to be epic! Elopements are made for those movie-scene-like photos!

I will plan all the details with you and your team….when and where the most scenic sunset moment at the beach will be, or maybe a sunrise timeline for a beach elopement. How to say ‘I do’ on top of a mountain. To put it plainly, I create a timeline to incorporate the logistics to capture your love with the breathtaking landscapes. Want to tie the knot on a mountaintop? I love to hike and climb so you can bet that I will be your third wheel all the way!

Travel to a dreamy wedding destination

In addition to having a higher level of privacy and intimacy, you will be able to choose any destination you like in contrast to conventional weddings. Plus, if you are looking to save, a big celebration won’t be a wise choice since it is quite expensive to carry out a wedding of enormous magnitude. For this reason, many couples prefer to focus on their own wishes and relocate their budget into travelling to a spectacular elopement place, where they can enjoy several days of glamping, spa, relaxation, or a truly special trip that accompanies this memorable event.

But my favourite part is that with elopements you get to choose a little slice of the world that would be only your own, where no couple has stood before. Isn’t that exciting?

Safety First!

Also, in these times of global pandemic, it became a ‘no choice’ matter.  So it forcibly made us think of the possibility of an elopement now or wait till the following year to have the big celebration….During covid it became risky to throw a party with hundreds of people. Even more, consider getting so many hugs, toasts, and physical contact. And let’s face it, who would want to walk down the aisle wearing an N95 mask? For this reason, elopements did become an ideal alternative, so for those that chose this option had the most intimate, real and raw wedding, nothing could stop that bond of love !

A wedding of this type is so intimate and with such a high emotional charge that it will provide you with stunning wedding photos! Plus, Ek and Fir elopements are amazing just by themselves, so you will definitely have a plethora of kickass images to frame your memories. I guarantee you a great experience for your meaningful and special day, so if you wish to know more please just holla, I am only too happy to help you plan your most special memorable day. love Carissa